Music Projects

A sample of bands/projects that I've been involved in over the years.

Stealing Eden
Truth in Tragedy
(Stealing Eden)
Release Date: April 2011
Label: Moshpit
Produced by Julius Butty
Mixed by Mike Fraser & Julius Butty
Fallen Phoenix
Fallen Phoenix EP
(Fallen Phoenix)
Release Date: July 2010
Recorded by Clayton Creed & Alex Roque
Fallen Phoenix
Point Magazine Sampler
Release Date: September 2005
Remember August & Nikki Hurst both appear on the compilation and in the magazine.
Remember August
Warped Tour 2005 Sampler
(Remember August)
Release Date: July 2005
Produced by Cammie J & RA
Nikki Hurst
Pretty Pieces
(Nikki Hurst)
Release Date: October 2006
Produced by Tim Neuhaus & NH
Remember August
Remember August EP
(Remember August)
Release Date: April 2005
Produced by Cammie J & RA
Nikki Hurst
(Nikki Hurst)
Release Date: October 2004
Produced by Jay Vanpoederooyen & NH
Storybook Ending
The Storybook Sessions
(Storybook Ending)
Release Date: July 2004
Produced by Grant McKenzie.
Recorded by Mikey Hui.
Music & Lyrics by Andy Roy.
Ethers Void
(Ethers Void)
Release Date: June 2004
Produced by Mikey Hui & EV
Ethers Void
The Safety Sessions
(Ethers Void)
Release Date: September 2001
Produced by Mikey Hui, Gordon Seran, Jay Evyin & EV
Recorded at "Greenhouse Studios" & "The Lab"
Grant McKenzie
(Grant McKenzie)
Release Date: April 2001
Produced by Rocko Vaugeois and GM.
Recorded at "The Palace Studio"
Grant McKenzie
Indieblast 2001
(Canadian Compilation)
Release Date: July 2000
Sponsored by Molson Canadian.
Distributed by RCD Music /
The Ethers Void track "Someday" appears as track 11
Grant McKenzie
(Ethers Void)
Release Date: June 2000
Produced by Mikey Hui & Ethers Void.
Grant McKenzie
Local Outlet
(Richmond Compilation)
Release Date: May 2000
Organized by Grant McKenzie.
Funded by Opportunities for Youth.
Ethers Void & Essence both appear on the compilation.
Grant McKenzie
For Us Forever single
Release Date: April 2000
Recorded by Mikey Mikelos
Band Members: Grant McKenzie, Giles Panton, Jon Kempton.
Grant McKenzie
You & Your Dreams
(Grant McKenzie)
Release Date: September 1998
Produced by Grant McKenzie.
Recorded at GS Studios
Cassette Only.
Grant McKenzie
Release Date: April 1997
Recorded by Kevin Zurak
Mastered by Larry Anschell
Band Members: Grant McKenzie, Susanne Pokotylo, Sean Gosse, Giles Panton.